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The resources contained in this list (many of which are free or low-cost) have been a tremendous blessing to myself and people I respect and trust.

It should go without saying that the presence of any resource, individual, or group on this list does not denote my approval of each and every one of their doctrinal stances, associations and so on.

I pray that you find something useful here. Check back often as I continue to organize, update, and edit.

  • General Theology
    Ligonier Ministries, the teaching ministry of R.C. Sproul, W. Robert Godfrey, and countless others. An incredibly valuable resource with sermons, videos, books, articles, and more on virtually every topic of significance to the Christian faith.
    Theology Gals, an encouraging podcast for women on Reformed theology and the Christian life.
    The Bluestocking Baptists, an informal podcast for women with intelligent and literary interests related to Christian doctrine and life.

  • Church History
    —James White’s Sunday School series on Church History at the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, spanning from the early church and its Jewish backdrop to the latter years of John Calvin’s life, with a thrilling survey of the infamous Munster Rebellion. The series goes quite deep in the topics it addresses, though those topics are limited to a slice of history ending shortly after the Reformation.
    —W. Robert Godfrey’s Survey of Church History is a bit shallower but spans a much broader range of church history, spanning from AD 100 to as recently as the year 2000.
    Don’t be shocked by the price tag, scroll down on the page a bit and click on the titles of each session to watch them all online for free.

  • Reformed Theology and the Doctrines of Grace
    Monergism, a massive compendium of free articles, ebooks, mp3 resources, and more with a primary focus on major themes of Reformed theology.

  • Teaching Children and Homeschooling
    Little Pilgrims Theology, a delightful and extremely affordable online theology curriculum resource for children and families.
    Songs For Saplings, a version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism set to the lively, memorable music of the incredibly gifted Dana Dirksen.